Sunday, 6 November 2016

Bonfire night!

Remember, remember the 5th of November...

I know I will certainly remember this one! What an AMAZING night at Hull Vineyard Church's Bonfire night celebration. Over 2000 people were all gathered around the biggest bonfire I have ever seen and ate, drank and watched the amazing fireworks. It was a great night and I really enjoyed seeing my friends, eating delicious food and listening to some great live music too. I will be talking through the evening but first I will break down what I wore...

Although many of my friends would tell you I am a walking radiator and therefore am always warm (seriously though like I am rarely cold) I anticipated a chilly evening ahead, especially as I wasn't going to be spending too much time indoors. So I knew I needed to dress sensibly. My Faux fur scarf is from ASOS, and my faux leather knee high boots are from Boohoo. My Dress is a black, cross over dress from F&F as are my black tights and my grey winter coat with tan inlay which by the way has lasted for years and is still just as warm and in top condition. My hoop earrings are from Topshop, my watch from H&M and not pictured but definitely worn were my tan, woollen finger-less gloves.

As suspected, by the time I set off it was dark, cold and raining so the warm scarf and the snug, thick coat was clearly a good decision. However, once my friends and I arrived at the church grounds it was clear that staying warm wasn't going to be a problem. The bonfire was absolutely huge! Two trucks full of fire wood (recycled local waste) had been delivered a few days earlier and once that baby was lit, boy did it burn. Even from so far away you could feel the warmth from it on your face. As time went on the crowds gathered and the site was filled with bustling people, huddling together for warmth and to get a look at that fantastic fire.  It wasn't long until people started to get peckish and as more and more people arrived, more and more pressure was put on the wonderful food stalls to dish out some top nosh!

I was fortunate enough to arrive before too many people had arrived and the lovely people at Go Dutch Pancake House, Cottage Catering, Pie and Hull Vineyard were more than happy for me to take photos and, of course, try their lovely food. I was so excited for the food that evening I barely ate all day, specifically so I could fill up on some of the tasty food being served.

I quite frankly stuffed my face. I haven't eaten that much in ages and all of it was absolutely delish! Everyone seemed to really enjoy both the food and the service they received, even if after a while the queues got a bit long.

At seven fifteen however, the real show started. A twenty second countdown started and with the final 3, 2, 1 began the fireworks. And the crowd was not disappointed.


Overall, I had an amazing time. I got to hang out with great friends, eat delicious food and celebrate one of the UK's favourite winter celebrations. I am so glad I was able to go along and enjoy all that Bonfire Night 2016 had to offer.

Big thank you to Hull Vineyard for hosting, to Go Dutch Pancake House, Cottage Catering and Pie for the great food, and to all of my friends who made the experience so thoroughly enjoyable.

If you guys got up to anything fun this bonfire night or if you would like me to write about anything in particular, please do leave a comment and let me know.

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Thanks, see you soon 

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